Why install artifical turf?

Artificial turf can save a homeowner thousands of dollars over the life expectancy of the turf.  It can cut down on maintanence time and increase time you can enjoy your yard.  With artificial turf there are many things you will not have to do anymore such as; water your yard, mow your yard, no more harmful chemicals to use, no more over seeding or fertilizing, no more air pollution, no more worries with allergies, no more wet grass or mud in the shade areas, no more dead grass from your pets, no more irrigation investigations to find that pesky leak, no more worry about your irrigation not shutting off and flooding your yard, no more lawn maintenance people coming by at all hours if you hire the work done and no more weekends wasted without you enjoying your yard!

Artificial turf is an investment that will be beneficial for any homeowner.  With a 15 year warranty you can rest assured that you will recoup your investment in money saved over the years.  Typically the investment pays for itself in the first 5-7 years and will last you much longer!  With our 100% American made products you will see the quality is much better and more controlled than import turf.  With our market being saturated with import grasses give us a call today to help you ensure you are receiving an American made product and we will be glad to show you and teach you what to look for with a quality grass that will last!